Fighting Climate Change & Feeding the World

CarbonOne is a purpose-driven organization focused on fighting climate change in collaboration with  Canadian Food and Beverage companies. Together we are building a more resilient and sustainable food system to feed Canadians and the world for generations to come. We are a founder-run organization with 3 decades of experience in Carbon Accounting for the agri-food industry. Our journey started in late 2021 as a response to mounting pressure on Canadian Food and Beverage companies to communicate the climate performance of their business and products. A lack of palatable options available in the market presents a real problem for companies already overburdened with a myriad of challenges and operating on thin margins. With deep knowledge of both the agri-food industry and sustainability, we set out to develop a real solution for this very real problem – A simple and affordable solution for Canadian Food and Beverage companies to measure, report and reduce carbon emissions.

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Our Commitment

We believe in this whole doing well by doing good things and are committed to walking the talk of being a responsible company. CarbonOne abides by the 7 principles of Corporate Responsibility (CR) and we take pride in our responsible business practices that create shared value with our stakeholders.

Sustainability is embedded in our DNA and woven throughout our business strategy, making it part of daily decision-making.

We are aggressively pursuing the rigorous BCorp Certification and have taken significant strides to implement the guiding principles across our organization to make this a reality. 

We are a people-first organization that cares about the planet and creates shared value with all our stakeholders.

Our Team

A growing team of innovators, makers and thinkers.

Led by a founder team with over 30 years of experience in Carbon Accounting and Reporting for the Agri-food sector, people are the heart of our business. We rely on the diversity, innovation, passion and dedication of our employees and partners.

Our Partners

CarbonOne's partners share our purpose and passion to help ensure the best possible product, outcomes and experience for our clients. From government and non-profit working groups to industry experts and industry-led alliances, CarbonOne values the support and collaboration of all our partners.

Work For Us

Want to help fight climate change and feed the world?

We are constantly on the lookout for great people who share our purpose.

Get in touch with us to share your experience and interest.