About Us

CarbonOne is a purpose-driven organization focused on fighting climate change in collaboration with Canadian Food and Beverage companies.

Together we are building a more resilient and sustainable food system to feed Canadians and the world for generations to come.

Our Story

We are a founder-run organization with 6 decades of experience in Sustainability and the agri-food industry.

Our journey started in late 2021 as a response to mounting pressure on Canadian Food and Beverage companies to communicate the climate performance of their products. A lack of palatable options available in the market presents a real problem for companies already overburdened with a myriad of challenges and operating on thin margins.

With deep knowledge of both the agri-food industry and sustainability, we set out to develop a real solution for this very real problem – A simple and affordable solution for Canadian Food and Beverage companies to measure, improve and communicate the climate performance of products.

In summer 2023, we will be launching our proprietary and innovative first of its kind in Canada solution. This innovative clean-tech solution is a game changer that will enable Canadian Food and Beverage companies to effectively manage product climate expectations at a fraction of the cost and time with no prior knowledge required. We believe this will accelerate the growth and profitability of food and beverage companies, and foster a more resilient food system in Canada while driving climate action.

This is our Blueprint - it guides us along our journey.


Commitment to Responsibility

We are into this whole doing well by doing good thing.

CarbonOne abides by the 7 principles of Corporate Responsibility (CR) - we take pride in our responsible business practices that create shared value with our stakeholders.

Further, Sustainability is embedded in our DNA and woven throughout our business strategy, making it part of daily decision-making.

Additionally, we are committed to transparency and look forward to sharing our Sustainability performance along our journey of fighting climate change. Stay tuned, we will have information to share shortly.

Commitment to responsibility
ISO 26000

Our Team

Led by a founder team with 60 years of experience in Sustainability and the Agri-food sector, people are the heart of our business. We rely on the diversity, innovation, passion and dedication of our employees and partners.

Brett Wills

Founder & CEO

Panos Panagio - Takopoulos PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Meena Hassanali

Co-Founder & Chief Stakeholder Officer

Theresa Heinekey

Life Cycle Assessment Manager

Victoria Faustino

Project Manager

Our Partners

"This project is funded in part by NCFDC's thriveFORWARD initiative, through the federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario's Jobs and Growth Fund. "

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