Designed specifically for Canadian Food and Beverage Companies.

A simple and affordable solution to


Carbon footprints of food and beverage products.

The demand for climate transparency is rapidly increasing. 

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Sales growth of Sustainable Marketed Products vs Average CPG Products.
Sustainable Market Share Index TM, 2021.


Of consumers plan to pay more attention to the environmental impact of what they consume.
Ernst & Young


Of Canadians want to understand where their food comes from.

CarbonOne enables you to confidently meet stakeholder climate expectations and create product differentiation to increase listings, drive sales and support growth.


Measuring the carbon footprint of a product requires a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
LCA's are complex. They require sophisticated scientific calculations using product-specific data. Traditionally this is done manually by qualified specialists making it expensive & time-consuming.
CarbonOne's cloud-based clean-tech solution does all the heavy lifting at a fraction of the cost & time with a high degree of accuracy. Our technology takes care of the complex scientific calculations using our proprietary database of high-quality carbon emission factors optimized for Canadian food & beverage products.
Simply enter product-specific information to easily & accurately calculate the carbon footprint of your products. Users will already have all information required due to food safety & general business requirements.

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What gets measured gets managed. Accelerate your performance with our innovative Carbon Intelligence Dashboard. It gives you the insight needed to improve the carbon footprint of your products. Uncover carbon reduction opportunities that not only improve environmental performance but realize cost savings and enhance your brand leading to increased sales.  Intelligence is provided at various levels of granularity including product, brand, company and supply/value chain levels. Play out "what if" scenarios to understand the carbon impacts of changing an ingredient, and packaging materials and use it to incorporate carbon considerations into product design. Set goals and track performance along your journey to Net Zero.


The need for climate transparency is real. Customers, consumers, investors and others are demanding it. Beyond the complexity & cost of measuring a product footprint, there are additional challenges to communicating the climate performance of food and beverage products such as the multiple methodologies that may be used to measure the footprints, varying functional units and other differences that lead to unfair comparisons and erode trust in the marketplace. CarbonOne's innovative solution was thoughtfully designed to address these and other issues so you can confidently and easily communicate the climate performance of your products to various stakeholders. Easily report the correct number to retailers, investors and as part of Scope 3 emissions or let your packaging speak directly to consumers using our verified Carbon Label.

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Quality Guarantee

Every CarbonOne footprint is backed by our quality guarantee.

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Data Integrity

Data quality is critical to the accuracy of a product carbon footprint.

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High-Quality Carbon Emission Factor Data optimized for Canadian Food and Beverage.

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Thorough vetting of all data by our in-house scientists.

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Data Quality Management System.

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Each data point properly referenced and fully documented.

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Regular updating of data.

You can rest assured that the data used to calculate the carbon footprint of your food and beverage product is specific, current and accurate.

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Scientific Rigour

How you calculate the carbon footprint of a product matters.

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Methodology meets ISO 14067, GHG Protocol Standard & PACT Pathfinder Framework for Scope 3 reporting.

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Methodology aligns with market best practices for reporting directly to consumers.

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System developed and designed by qualified in-house scientists.

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Footprints are audit ready with appropriate documentation.

With CarbonOne, be confident knowing the carbon footprint of your food and beverage products are calculated correctly and withstand scrutiny.

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Your data is important and we are committed to protecting it.

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Exceeds all Data Privacy and Cyber Security requirements.

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Additional layers of security and encryption to provide added protection.

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All data is stored on physical servers in Canada or US and owned by Canadian or US Companies.

You can depend on us to keep your data confidential and safe for whenever you need it.

Be the leader of climate transparency and reap the rewards.


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